Trick or treat – our first celebrated Halloween ever!

Happy Halloween

When it came to Halloween I always had mixed feelings about it, until this year. Even it became more and more popular in Germany the last years, it never came in mind to celebrate it. Our move to Montreal made this change. No way to escape from Halloween, especially when you have a toddler at home.

 She got infected immediately – how couldn’t she – this is North America! The whole October they were counting days in school. They got familiar with the traditions and history of Halloween, tinkered masks, played games and prepared the big Halloween party at school on October 31st. The more she got thrilled, the more she softened me and two weeks before the big day, we finally went for Halloween shopping. First we bought a cute dress and a hat to turn her into a little witch. Then we continued with decoration and lots of candy. It was fun decorating together. Even though she is scared by spiders I had to place them. Skeletons were obligated…

Time was flying and Monday was THE DAY. She started as Elsa in school and ended the day as a “trick or treat witch”.

little witch

As soon as the sun set down, all that sweet little creatures stepped out. Stepping out of the house made me speechless. I was speechless seeing my neighborhood being transformed into magical scenery in only a couple of hours. The street was crowded by many dozen children, my neighbors were sitting outside with stunning costumes, giving candy. My little witch was proud and excited being part of that big spectacle, walking hand in hand with her little friend. We were flashed, too. The spooky atmosphere was perceptible

All this made us enjoying the evening and feel that we definitely made the right choice, moving into this nice, kid friendly neighborhood, called Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, better known as NDG. There are always great things going on, organized by the community, such as the porch festival in spring.

For this year Halloween is over. Even though we missed out the NDG “Michael Jackson – Thriller – flash mob”, we are totally in for Halloween next year! No more doubts about participating.

Only 363 days to come – happy Halloween!


yours MrsJ

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  1. Laurence sagt:

    What a wonderful telling of your family’s first Halloween here! I have to admit I was not a big fan of this holiday either, but we went for a big walk in NDG and were really impressed- even enchanted! I am looking forward to next Halloween too- and very grateful to live in this lovely neighbourhood we share 🙂

  2. Maria sagt:

    Awesome !

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