Nicaragua & Panama – our way to spend parental leave


Laguna de Apoyo & surroundings

Once we found out, that my husband is eligible for parental leave as an expat in Quebec/Canada, we had the idea of escaping the long winter in Montreal. We new March could be a strong winter month and it turned to be proofed correct, as we had up to 60 Grad Celsius of temperature difference. We always wanted to go to South or Central America and now we had the chance, time and money for it. So I started my research where to go. Where would it be safe, warm and comfortable to travel with a toddler and a baby? Really soon I was taken by the idea of going to Nicaragua, even though I couldn’t find a lot of traveling with a baby and a toddler there. To reduce the risk of infections and to satisfy our thirst of exploring, we decided to add Panama. Just to make sure my hubby would not cop out, I booked our flights before our first trip to Europe with our baby daughter. From now on it was secured 27th of February until 29th of March we would be traveling Nicaragua and Panama. Whoohoo!

yours MrsJ

3 Responses

  1. Vera sagt:

    Wie immer schön zum lesen, um gleich in Urlaubsstimmung zu kommen

  2. Isabella sagt:

    Hallo Mrs.J. – schon die Bilder waren beeindruckend, die Texte unterstreichen das!!!
    LG Isabella

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